What is Zoya Escape Rooms?

Each Escape Room is designed for a group of 3-8* players to test their teamwork, critical thinking, and logic skills. At Zoya Escape Rooms you and your group are shut in a room for 60 minutes to solve the mystery.  You’ll need to rely on teamwork and quick thinking to find the solutions to the rooms puzzles. If you think you have what it takes to escape, put on your thinking caps, get your group together, and come out to Zoya Escape Rooms!

What is an escape room? An escape room is more than just an opportunity to solve puzzles and spend time with friends and family, it is a hands-on puzzle adventure. Escape Rooms are excellent for parties, team-building exercises, and a general afternoon of entertainment. Each of our Escape Rooms has a unique theme with a full story and puzzles designed specifically for that room. Check us out in St. Joe, Michigan on the corner of Niles, Rd. and M-139!

Escape Room: Spies Like You

Dr. Dergun, the world’s most heinous pharmacist, is at it again and it’s up to Agent 0011 to save the world! Taking a small cleaning job for some extra cash, you and your party find yourself in Dr. Dergun’s office. Due to a paper work mix-up, your cleaning crew was locked in the evil mastermind’s office and Agent 0011 is nowhere to be found! You only have 60 minutes to hack his systems and escape, or the world is doomed! Can you discover his evil plot escape before he succeeds?

*while it is possible to complete with 3 players, we do not recommend this.