Zoya Escape Rooms

ALL Games are Private !

Due to Government Order we Will be Open December 21st.

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Please book before 11:00 PM for the following day.

Short notice same day bookings may be available by phone, subject to availability.

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What is Zoya Escape Rooms?

Each Escape Room is designed for a group of 2-8* players to test their teamwork, critical thinking, and logic skills. At Zoya Escape Rooms you and your group are shut in a room for 60 minutes to solve the mystery.  You’ll need to rely on teamwork and quick thinking to find the solutions to the rooms puzzles. If you think you have what it takes to escape, put on your thinking caps, get your group together, and come out to Zoya Escape Rooms!

What is an escape room? An escape room is more than just an opportunity to solve puzzles and spend time with friends and family, it is a hands-on puzzle adventure. Escape Rooms are excellent for parties, team-building exercises, and a general afternoon of entertainment. Each of our Escape Rooms has a unique theme with a full story and puzzles designed specifically for that room. Check us out in St. Joe, Michigan on the corner of Niles, Rd. and M-139!

* We recommend groups of 4-6 for the best experience.

Dangerous Stuff is a secret government organization charged with protecting the world from a bizarre range of artifacts that in the wrong hands could cause disaster. The staff at the warehouse was lost in an unfortunate accident, and you and your team have been sent in to replace them, and secure the room in an hour before the artifacts cause any more damage.

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The evil pharmacist, Dr. Dergun, is up to it once again. World domination is his mission. He was last seen in a cabin in the woods. But the cabin isn’t as simplistic as you might think, it has alien conspiracy written all over it. Your team’s mission is to discover the secrets the cabin holds and to stop Dr. Dergun from taking over the world.

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The Toymaker Workshop has been taken over by Robots! Recently the enigmatic toymaker tried to save money by automating his workshop, but something happened and the machines are out of control! Instead of innocent toys it is building an army to take over the world! Your team are the only people who can reprogram the workshop before its too late!

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