Alien Escape

Available February 1st, 2019

Why the Delay?

When we made the initial version of this game, several electronic components that worked in testing, did not function as intended when installed into the game, forcing us to remake 80% of the game,  including a significant rebuild of the layout.   Adding months to our initial launch plan.


$30 per person


Uncover the secrets hidden inside the cabin in the woods.


We allow players not concerned with competitive play to utilize as many hints as they want, allowing you to control the difficulty, however we do keep track of wins that use 3 or less hints.
Wins with No hints:  TBD
Wins with 3 or less hints: TDB

Private Game

All bookings can be made private at Zoya Escape Rooms for no extra fee. Mark the game private while booking, be sure to select a game that has 8 available slots, as games with less slots already have players who are not requesting a private game.


The evil pharmacist, Dr. Dergun, is up to it once again. World domination is his mission. He was last seen in a cabin in the woods. But the cabin isn’t as simplistic as you might think, it has alien conspiracy written all over it. Your team’s mission is to discover the secrets the cabin holds and to stop Dr. Dergun from taking over the world.