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  • All belongings will be deposited in provided storage before you enter the escape room.

  • No cell phones or recording devices are allowed in Zoya Escape Rooms.

  • All clues and materials are in locations easily accessible by healthy humans.

  • All devices that are designed to open can be opened without force. DO NOT force any objects to open.

  • Treat all items involved in the game with the same respect demanded by the ancestors.

  • All electronic devices present in the game are live, use appropriate caution when using electronic devices.

  • The puzzles are not necessarily linear. A number of the puzzles can be solved simultaneously.

  • Guests are required to arrive 15 minutes prior to their game time.

  • We welcome all players of age 10 and older. If you are below the age 18, a parent must sign a Waiver for you to be allowed to play. At least one adult is required to stay on the premises if none of the players are over the age of 18.