Spies Like You

Available until October 31st!

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$30 per person


Discover the Pharmacists plans and put stop to them.


We allow players not concerned with competitive play to utilize as many hints as they want, allowing you to control the difficulty, however we do keep track of wins that use 3 or less hints.
Wins with No hints: 2%
Wins with 3 or less hints: 17%

Private Game

All bookings can be made private at Zoya Escape Rooms for no extra fee.   Mark the game private while booking, be sure to select a game that has 8 available slots, as games with less slots already have players who are not requesting a private game.


Dr. Durgen, the world’s most heinous pharmacist, is at it again, and it’s up to Agent 11 to save the world! Taking a small cleaning job for some extra cash, you and your party find yourself in Dr. Durgen’s office. Due to a paper work mix-up, your cleaning crew was locked in the evil mastermind’s office and Agent 11 is nowhere to be found! You only have 60 minutes to discover his evil plot and escape, or the world is doomed!


If you would like, you can fill out the Waiver in advance and bring it with you.

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