Secret Warehouse

Dangerous Stuff

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Save the world from Disaster in an hour by restoring the Artifact Nullifier.


We allow players not concerned with competitive play to utilize as many hints as they want, allowing you to control the difficulty, however we do keep track of wins that use 3 or less hints.

Private Game

All bookings can be made private at Zoya Escape Rooms for no extra fee.   Mark the game private while booking, be sure to select a game that has 8 available slots, as games with less slots already have players who are not requesting a private game.


Dangerous Stuff is a secret government organization charged with protecting the world from a bizarre range of artifacts that in the wrong hands could cause disaster. The staff at the warehouse was lost in an unfortunate accident, and you and your team have been sent in to replace them, and secure the room in an hour before the artifacts cause any more damage.

We renamed this game to help clear up any confusion on what the theme was, Formally known as Dangerous Stuff.

If you would like, you can fill out the Waiver in advance and bring it with you.

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